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WoW Guild Rankings
Dragon Soul
Morchok 25H
Zonozz 10H
Yor'sahj 10H
Hagara 10H
Ultraxion 10H
Blackhorn 10H
Spine of Deathwing 10H
Madness of Deathwing 10H

World of Logs

    Avalon started out as mainly a guild comprised of real life friends from Wisconsin. Since forming, we've quickly become one of the top raiding guilds on the server. Though we've expanded far beyond being a guild comprised of real life friends, we've made sure that we keep the guild close-nit and drama free.

    We're serious about raiding, but we definitely like to have a good time as well. We are currently ranked #1 overall on Ravenholdt. We have some of the top geared raiders on the server as well. If you're looking to get in contact with us, or talk to us about joining, contact Eject, Works, Derzka, or Aeight.

Other Guild News

Avalon is Moving!

Aeight, Aug 5, 12 6:14 PM.
Hello Everyone,

We are in the process of moving our guild site from our currently beloved site here( to a new host in order to consolidate hosting of the site and mumble(and save us money in the process). The new site is setup at Please feel free to register your accounts over there as the subscription for this site expires on 9/2/2012. After that time we hope to have completed the transition and this site will revert to a free site with a redirection message. 

Avalon is 8/8 Heroic!

Aeight, Apr 8, 12 10:19 PM.
Avalon has now cleared heroic Dragon Soul! Tonight, Heroic Madness was killed for the realm first achievement! Congradualtions to everyone involved!

New friends!

Eject, Jan 31, 12 7:05 PM.
Welcome to those who joined from <Fired>. Here's to becoming the #1 25 man guild on the server!

Avalon Server First

Derzka, Jan 30, 12 12:50 AM.
Congratulations on being the undisputed top guild on the server! We've been together less than 2 months and we're destroying face. Keep up the good work.

Site Changes

Aeight, Jan 2, 12 8:01 PM.
As you may have noticed, the site is currently undergoing a few changes. Feel free to leave feedback/suggestions in the forums. For those interested in joining Avalon, please contact Eject or Derkza in game and make sure to click the "Join Avalon" link at the top and fill out an application. We are currently recruiting heavily to fill out our second raid group.
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